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Whatcom Web Hosting Reseller  

The Whatcom Web Hosting Reseller Program is a great way to offer web hosting services under your own name without needing to invest in the infrastructure and technology needed to start your own hosting business.

Whatcom Web Hosting provides our Reseller partners with a comprehensive line of hosting solutions that can be rapidly deployed for your customer base. You can continue to focus on your business while we maintain the stable hosting platform for your success.

Your revenue model within the Whatcom Web Hosting Reseller Program is simple. Whatcom Web Hosting is responsible for maintaining the facilities, network, equipment, architecture, deployment, software and billing for you.

You are responsible for marketing, sales, billing and support activity for your customers. You retain the ownership of your customers. Whatcom Web Hosting has no contact with your customers.

Your monthly fee to us is discounted based on the volume of business you are doing with us and adjusted according to your monthly volume.

Whatcom Web Hosting Reseller Requirements and Discounts

The Whatcom Web Hosting Reseller plan offers generous financial incentives and has very few requirements for participation. Each Whatcom Web Hosting Reseller is required to have a Reseller Master Account, either Windows or Linux, and a minimum of 2 additional resold accounts to participate. Whatcom Web Hosting does not charge any additional fees to participate in the Reseller Program or any set up fees for resold accounts as this can all be done through each resellers account manager.

Reseller Discount Schedule

Whatcom Web Hosting offers generous discounts to our resellers with as few as 2 accounts, and very substantial discounts for larger resellers.
# Accounts Discount Set Up Fee
2 5 20% None
6 25 30% None
26 + 40% None

If you are a currently reselling for another web host, Whatcom Web Hosting can assist with account migration and accelerate discounts while your accounts are transferred to Whatcom Web Hosting.

Note: Terms and Conditions of the Whatcom Web Hosting Reseller Program are subject to change at any time.


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